Got a product you want to put in front of PC gamers’ eyes?

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Ironhammers is always looking for advertisers to fill our varied inventory here on the site. We can guarantee advertising space that’s guaranteed to target PC gamers specifically, so whether you’ve got a game, a piece of hardware, or perhaps a peripheral to show off, we can help you reach those interested.

Not a huge company with loads of cash to throw around? Ironhammers, as an independent website, would love to help people with smaller budgets. If you’re a new indie studio or company, we’ll sell adspace in increments as little as 1,000 impressions… and our CPMs are very competitive.

Ad sizes and types available:

  • 300×250 pixel banners in various positions across the site.
  • 728×90 banner in our header.
  • 300×600 extended banner in our sidebar.
  • Full background advertisments.
  • Sponsored Blog Posts (Fully disclosed to our readers).

If the type of advertising you would like isn’t listed, contact us and we may be able to accomodate your needs.

Contact if you’d like to purchase advertising or find out more.