Bohemia Interactive have today announced that they’re jumping on the free-to-play bandwagon, and will be releasing a free version of their critically acclaimed military-simulation title, ARMA II. It’s rather sensibly titled ARMA II: Free. The press release states that it’ll bring all the features of the full game, “minus the campaign, HD graphics and support for user-made addons and mods” — which, unfortunately, are some of the things that made the original such a success. That said, it may well wet the whistle of a few gamers who’ve not yet experienced the franchise ahead of the upcoming ARMA: III.

Features of ARMA II: Free are as follows:

  • Free military simulation – An authentic battlefield simulation, including bullet ballistics, material penetration and much more.
  • Free armory – A comprehensive range of 300+ weapons, units and fully-usable armed or unarmed vehicles across air, land and water classes.
  • Free unique multiplayer – Multiplayer with large-scale maps for 50+ live players and hundreds of AI units. Supports a wide variety of MP modes from co-op and PvP modes, to total mayhem!
  • Free dedicated servers – Both Linux and Windows OS dedicated server support for users to host freely wherever and however they like even to play together on the same retail game-servers.
  • Free creativity – Quick mission templates, a powerful, built-in, easy to use SP/MP mission editor, and advanced scripting.

This new version of the game is set to release as early as June of this year. Here’s a trailer to give you a little peak at what we can expect to see ( although unfortunately Bohemia Interactive seem to have it set as private at the moment, but I’ll include it nonetheless — just in case they switch it on in the near future).