we’re still no more enlightened regarding when it might arrive, we do now know that Blizzard’s upcoming MOBA or Dota-like will be named Heroes of the Storm. It was originally named Blizzard Dota when we first saw it two Blizzcon’s ago — shown alongside two other in-house StarCraft mods (Aiur Chef and StarJeweled), both of which have long been available.

It’s already been renamed once since then, to Blizzard All-Stars. But let’s face it, that sounds like an American Football game or something. So, Heroes of the Storm it is. What ‘the storm’ is, remains unknown, as does pretty much anything else about the game — except for it being a MOBA with Blizzard characters.

We did get another cool Blizzard/Carbot Animations collaboration in the video below, at least.