Above: A Panderan Monk, but other races can use the new class also...

Continuing on with the torrent of information from this weekend’s BlizzCon event over in Anaheim, comes a few more details about the new class that’ll be introduced with the panda-laden expansion, World of Warcraft: Mists of Pandaria.

Taken from an FAQ released by Blizzard last night, this following excerpt details the new classes Kung Fu like abilities, as well as which races will be able to play as the Monk.

Q: What is the monk class? How does it differ from other classes in the game?


The monk is a martial arts expert who excels in close-quarters hand-to-hand combat, and can fill the role of a tank, damage-dealer, or healer, depending on a player’s chosen specialization. As with most classes in the game (with the exception of death knights), monks begin their journey at level 1.


Monks have a number of unique mechanics and resources that set them apart from other classes. For example, the class is being designed with a more active approach to combat than other classes; every kick and punch is performed with the press of a key, so they will not have a default  auto-attack. In addition, monks build up “chi” through a combination of punches, kicks, and other basic martial arts moves, and then expend it to unleash powerful special moves, such as finishers or potent heals.


Q: Which races can be a monk?


Since coming into contact with members of the Horde and the Alliance, several of Pandaria’s masters have begun to teach their new allies the secrets of their ancient martial arts. Currently, every race except goblin and worgen can learn the ways of the monk.