Throughout they year we’ll be setting up or participating in a few different charity events… you’ll find the details of any current events below.

Extra Life 2012

Both Bobby and Dan will be taking part in the Extra Life 2012 charity gaming marathon. Dan will even be doing it twice, and was featured in a local newspaper in a bid to garner a little more attention and raise a little extra money for the Bristol Royal Hospital for Children.

On October 20th, Bobby will attempt to play StarCraft 2 for 24 hours straight, while Dan takes a full 24-hour Le Mans race on in GRID. The following week, Dan will then push the limits by trying to play the infamous Snuggle Truck for 24 hours without losing his mind.  We’ll both be doing our best to have a live stream of some kind running throughout the whole of our marathons.

We really are looking to raise as much as we can so if you can spare anything at all, even just a dollar, it will be hugely appreciated by not only us, but the charity itself — which is what it’s all about. You can donate to each of us at the following links: