Deepsilver, publisher of Dead Island, has released a new update for the highly popular zombie game via Steam. Version 1.3 addresses a few of the remaining flaws left hanging around, and also adds some new content to bring players who have already completed the game back into the fold. New features include an increased level cap of 60, new weapon modifications and a long awaited Vsync option. It seems that Deepsilver and Techland are finally reaching the end of their interminable battle against bugs and glitches, and can finally focus on adding new content to the game.

Most everyone who played Dead Island will not be surprised to see a fix for weapon crates, which were intended to contain the “best weapons” according to the games loading screen tips and instead were mostly full of disappointing, low quality items (or in the worst cases, completely empty). Other more subtle adjustments include reduced damage from infected enemies, and an increased ammo capacity for Purma. While it is true that Deepsilver has been playing catch-up since Dead Island’s back in September, you have to give them credit for working constantly on improving their game.

The newest update may not fix every problem PC gamers have faced, but it seems that it will be a good buffer for the long awaited and heavily delayed DLC pack “Bloodbath Arena”, which as of now is set to release sometime in November. So what do you guys think, are there any bugs or issues you have noticed that this update didn’t fix? Is there anything you would like to see added? Let me know in the comments section!

For complete patch notes and more news you can check out the official Dead Island website here.