I had a fun 10 hours of watching the glitzy E3 2011 coverage over at GameTrailers.  I didn’t see the time go by, since it was jam-packed with enough gossip and news to make my hair curl.  I can already hear you asking, “but how much of all that nattering is relevant to us PC gamers?”.  Good question, considering how little PC news was covered today.  Well, luckily for you, I’m about to share the good, bad and indifferent news and gameplay with you dedicated souls.  Sit tight and read on for all the PC gaming news from E3′s first day without needing to do any legwork of your own.  You’re welcome!


Tomb Raider

Oh, my!  This gameplay demo absolutely took my breath away, and I simply cannot wait for this to be released.  The title looked amazing on the Xbox 360, so the PC release should leave me smiling.  Realism and claustrophobia take you right inside the game in a way I never thought possible for Tomb Raider. The man Lara is escaping from in the demo scene sent shivers down my spine.  The new-and-improved Lara has attracted much attention; the realism employed elsewhere in the game has likewise been applied to its heroine.  Gone are the days of enlarged assets and sexified features (and it’s still kind-of hot, Ed.) — this Lara means business and her looks more accurately portray this.  She no longer feels like an invincible goddess- she cries out when hurt and exclaims with fear in her voice as she moves along in her quest for survival.

Mass Effect 3

The Mass Effect series has become something of an RPG goliath, and the third instalment shall not let down this reputation, if the EA press conference footage is anything to go by.  Gameplay is based on the same sound principles as the title’s predecessors, with dialogue options shaping the course of your journey and epic battles being all in a day’s work.  This clip is heavy on the action, showing off some very exciting graphics that make the game pop into life.  Microsoft focused more on the dialogue in their footage, since they were harping on about Kinect’s voice recognition technology.  I don’t think this is really enough to make me sacrifice PC graphics, however, since this method of control has proven shaky in past ventures.  I won’t say much more, since Bobby fully covered all the news earlier right here.

Battlefield 3

Wow wow WOW!  This is the kind of game that really demonstrates why PC gaming is so great.  The title was demonstrated on a PC, and we were graced with the most visually pleasing game covered today.  EA’s footage showed a wonderful tank battle roaring, which held my attention completely.  My PC was crowded with my friends when BF3 was being showcased, and I know very many gamers were totally pleased with the game.  A free online social network called BattleLog was also discussed, which will certainly put a bee in CoD Elite‘s bonnet!  The title will go into external beta testing this September and will be released the following month, as Bobby also explained in his news post earlier.

Modern Warfare 3

Microsoft’s press conference showed off the Call of Duty title’s stunning gameplay, which has left even this FPS-phobic gamer very impressed.  The gameplay has a great sense of grandeur, with a burning New York city and a bombed submarine being beautifully rendered in the demo, albeit on an Xbox 360 and not a PC.  Bubbles rising from your mask and other realistic touches team well with the gorgeous scenery to make for a fully immersive feel, even in this short glimpse.  In previous titles, each mission would be limited to a singular setting, but MW3 throws together straightforward FPS objectives, underwater exploration and helicopter battling all into this one demo.  This is great proof that Call of Duty has not yet reached its limits.  CoD Elite is accompanying the title, and I just love it when great games are accompanied by a strong social aspect.

Assassin’s Creed Revelations

My love for Ezio cannot be denied, and giving him a distinguished silver fox look does nothing to curb that.  A vibrant demo set in Constantinople had my jaw hitting the floor with its amazing pace, expected destruction of current graphical standards and shockingly rich world.  This was one of the highlights of my day, and I cannot wait until Ubisoft release more information about development.  They didn’t even explicitly mention which platforms the game would be available on, but I’m presuming that they will not forget the PC market.  The eager audience were treated to dazzling explosions and fires galore, setting a high precedent for the newest Assasin’s Creed title’s release.



Fable: The Journey

I know this one may have had some of you guys impressed, but I’m sorry; the title felt more like a cool way to get kids into more serious gaming than an actual Fable game.  I was left sorely disappointed with the gameplay, though this may be improved by PC controls in place of the silly arm-waving the demonstrator had to endure for the Xbox 360 demo.  A mouse and keyboard may give the series back its sophistication that neatly accompanied its fantasy setting, helping it get back on the right side of the light-hearted vs. child-like divide.  I found no coincidence in the fact that this game was directly followed by some weak Kinect children’s titles.

Ghost Recon: Future Soldier

Ubisoft’s press conference gave us an excellent insight into this new title’s gameplayGhost Recon kept on with the realistic vibe of the other big E3 names, leaving me examining the water drops on the screen.  The grittiness of a war scene was accurately depicted and co-op play didn’t seem to leave the players infuriated with dodgy camera angles or team-mates getting in the way.  I didn’t find anything new or shocking about the title, however, and the graphics, although very pretty, didn’t compare to other games that were showcased.  Also spoken about was Ghost Recon Online, a free-to-play title that  Bobby discussed the title earlier in his post.


BioShock Infinite

The game looks like it will live up to the reputation earned by the rest of the series, and the trailer shown by Sony was made up of some very nice in-game footage.  I found the video too short to tell you much more, though, so this is another title that demands our patience for now.   Let’s just hope that patience is rewarded in the end, shall we?

Far Cry 3

Like I’ve said of Ghost Recon, this title just didn’t hold its own against the big releases announced this E3.  The script was imaginative and the baddie was thoroughly creepy.  It was pretty enough, had a good enough pace, the acting was enough to keep me listening, but ‘enough doesn’t cut it at E3 and it simply hadn’t enough ‘oomph’.  I imagine that serious genre junkies were on the edge of their seat, but there wasn’t much that struck me as particularly compelling about the new Far Cry title.

Need for Speed: The Run

This game has a unique twist; for the first time ever in a Need for Speed title, you leave the car for some more action.  The gameplay is fluid, pacey and just what you’ve come to expect from the series.  EA was sure to showcase this new feature, but I don’t know how well the controls will translate to the PC, so I’m not as optimistic as I could be.  I generally don’t play car games on my PC, and this might be a title that is best left to console players.



Star Wars: The Old Republic

Before you yell at me with enough venom to kill me ten times over, let me explain myself.  The game has not landed here for any misperceived fault of its own.  I am discussing how good or bad the news was, and the coverage that our eagerly-awaited Star Wars title received left me cold.  No real news to speak of, old footage we’ve all seen before and STILL no release date in sight is not going to impress me any time soon.  With this being one of the only PC exclusives for us to look forward to, I’m sure you’ll agree that we want more news sooner rather than later.

Saints Row: The Third

This is another title that unfortunately finds itself in the naughty list due to  a lack of information.  Showcasing some gameplay or providing the audience with a little flavour before the trailer would have made me much happier, especially since the new addition to the Saints Row series is due for release late this year.

The Sims Social

Oh dear, oh dear- talk about seeing your mark and critically missing.  Rumours have been spreading about a new way to play The Sims, and I have been really very, very excited.  Imagine my bitter disappointment, then, when this trailer was showcased by E3.  Trashy girls talking about virtually hooking up with the office hottie and creating their own toy boys when they couldn’t lure in real guys was absolutely not what I was hoping to see.  The Facebook-based social concept would totally have appealed to me, if not for this appallingly cheap suggested use for the game.  I would be their ideal demographic; I am a social networking addict who has spent an embarrassing amount of time playing and customising The Sims on my PC, and yet I feel repelled from The Sims Social.

I hoped you enjoyed my summary of today’s PC gaming news, straight out of E3.  There will be more of the same tomorrow, so be sure to check back and keep up to date with the hottest gaming news that applies to you.

Videos from E3 courtesy of GameTrailers.