I first encountered End of Nations at the Eurogamer Expo in 2011, after which I wrote a fairly favourable preview. While I enjoyed the little I had seen at the time, there were a few niggles in the MMORTS gameplay. It then kind of disappeared for a little while, and now End of Nations is returning as a MOBA — the same category in which you find League of Legends and Valve’s DotA 2.

The reason for the redesign is said to be a lot to do with player feedback during the original alpha testing.  Scot Lane, Executive Producer on the game said:

“We received a tremendous amount of positive feedback from our last round of Alpha and Beta testing – and applied those learnings to the game, boiling it down to the strongest core game elements –tactical combat, session-based gameplay, and vastly improved hero units. Our core fans have been tremendous during this stage of early development. We are now confident we have the game the fans have been waiting for: a tremendously powerful tactical game that fans of war games and strategy will love.”

It sounds as though everything is much more streamlined, making it easier to just jump on and have a game. We’ll get to see soon, as the new alpha is set to become available in the near future. You can currently register your interest on the official site.

It’s definitely good to see a developer who’s willing to drastically change their game after player feedback, though. It’s not like they weren’t already pretty deep into what they had originally planned.

Did you play the original alpha? Do you think this is a better direction for End of Nations?

Update: The alpha server is now back up allowing players to check out the new features on an invite-only basis. You can register your interest for a key here.