“If it wasn’t for my games, I’d have no reason whatsoever to use Windows.” That’s something I’ve said many times, to many people. You might have even heard me saying it yourself. And while it’s been rumoured several times, for several reasons, a recent Valve job post suggests Steam could well be on its way to the open source operating system, Linux.

The job posting for a senior software engineer firstly states they’re looking for someone who can manage “the operation of large clusters of machines running both Windows and Linux.” Which could, of course, be something to do with servers — many of which around the globe run Linux.

But, this next one on the list of responsibilities may have let the cat out of the bag: “Port Windows-based games to the Linux platform.” Now, I don’t know about you, but I doubt Valve would be porting games to Linux to be distributed by somebody else. Right?

Perhaps they’re just experimenting, or perhaps they’re just so sick of Microsoft’s OS they’re doing it purely for their own use internally. But I’ve been expecting (and hoping) for it to happen ever since the Mac version came out.

Having a few games on Steam won’t allow me to ditch Windows right away. But it’d sure be a good start!

Thanks, RobotGeek.