Genius! Genius, I tell you! With Frozen Synapse being one of the best (if not the best) turn-based strategy to appear on our computers in recent times, Mode 7 Games have announced Frozen Endzone — a kind of mix between the last game and American football.

That excitement is coming out of somebody who hates any sport that’s not preceded by an ‘e’, by the way. As the above trailer shows, the game appears to retain the turn-based elements and brightly coloured, futuristic styling of Frozen Synapse, but merges them with 3D graphics and adds in an egg-shaped ball. The name, Frozen Endzone, also heralds back to its predecessor’s prestige.

It’ll come with both single and multilayer modes, will be playable cross-platform on Mac, PC and Linux, is set for a 2014 launch, and is currently sitting and waiting for a ‘thumbs up’ over on Steam Greenlight.