arma 2 screenshot image from in game

While both ARMA 3 and the standalone Day Z game are both on their way, this new ARMA 2 Complete Edition is perfect if you’ve never gotten around to the game and don’t want to wait for the new one to launch later this year.

Bohemia Interactive have released it today and, as the name suggests, this 25GB download comes with a full copy of ARMA 2 alongside all of its DLC. That’s Operation Arrowhead, British Armed Forces, Private Military Company and Army of the Czech Republic, if you were wondering. This means you’re getting absolutely everything needed to run the much talked about Day Z mod with the highest quality textures available.

ARMA 2 Complete Edition is available from the official Bohemia Interactive Store. It costs £24.90, which some may consider a lot with the next installment just around the corner, but believe you me that this new edition is a whole lot of game for your money.