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Ironhammers On Air? You read it right, we’ve now got a third member on our PC gaming podcast and will be broadcasting via Google Hangouts On Air, once a week. The format stays roughly the same for now, but new segments are dripping their way into the show — and we added a ‘Topic of the Week’ segment, which this week was focused on the trials and tribulations of always online DRM.

PC Gaming News:

Topics include; Trouble with people connecting to SimCity servers, Razer League of Legends peripherals announced, Humble Bundle with Android 5 launched, Intel Extreme Masters world finals this week, ARMA 3 alpha is go, Total War Shogun 2 gold edition released.

Deal of the week:

Darksiders II off on Steam until 4pm PST on Thursday, March 7th. Green Man Gaming giving 2 free games away with Bioshock Infinite pre-orders (ends Monday, March 11th, at 5pm GMT.

What we’ve been playing:

Dota 2 tutorial quest, Far Cry 3, The Witcher 2 EE, Hawken, StarCraft II. Plus Dan got a Nexus 7, while Simon’s been blowing out ears with a new 5.1 setup on his PC.

Topic of the Week: Always online DRM

Should it be used? Is it warranted in certain situations? Are we losing out on anything? Will it even matter when internet connections are as available and reliable as they will be eventually? We share our thoughts and take some points from the community on the matter.

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