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Episode 7 of our weekly PC gaming podcast is here. This week, we discuss the latest news, what we’ve been playing, and our topic of the week asks you (and us) who is the best PC gaming peripheral manufacturer.

PC Gaming News:

Topics include; Dota 2 surpasses League of Legends in the west (maybe), Nvidia launch GTX 650 Ti Boost edition, Logitech use science in their new range of peripherals, PC sales decline faster than ever, Grid 2 multiplayer shown off, Microsoft employee fired after a Twitter rant, next round of Steam Greenlight games have been greenlit.

What we’ve been playing:

Games include; Bioshock Infinite, Tomb Raider, Cubemen 2, LOTRO’s new war steeds.

Topic of the Week:

After saying goodbye to Simon so he can navigate a local storm, we ask you who you think is the best (or worst) PC gaming peripheral manufacturer, before discussing our own thoughts on the topic.

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