Note: We are thinking of making the podcast video-only, as content such as the end of this episode just doesn’t come through in only audio (and it opens up several possibilities). Leave a comment if you religiously listen to the MP3 version, and we will reconsider (or use a YouTube to MP3 converter… we don’t mind). Subscribe on YouTube to not miss any future episodes.

On this week’s show, we start by wondering if the live stream has actually started, but go on to talk about some of the latest in PC gaming. We decided to do away with segments and have a bit of a free-flowing list of stuff we wanted to cover, and to see where it takes us. It ended with Simon running joke of trolling Bobby with frogs (which he is irrationally afraid of).

Here’s the list of actual PC gaming topics covered:

  • Dota 2 is set to get Guild functionality in this week’s patch. 
  • StarCraft II spawning introduced a few weeks back, worth a mention.
  • Simon’s been playing a few indie games including Gunpoint and The Swapper.
  • Dan’s been playing GRID 2.
  • Thoughts and opinions after checking out Marvel Heroes.
  • Steam Trading Cards is now out of beta.
  • Dan talks through Guild Wars 2′s new content.
  • Razer Comms and Razer Surround software impressions.
  • LAN parties (which we plan to revisit in more detail).