machines at war 3 screenshot

Indie developer, Isotope 244, has today launched Machines at War 3 for Windows and Mac. It’s a real-time strategy sequel to Land Air Sea Warfare, which was hugely well received on the iOS platform and was chosen by Apple as the very first ‘iPad Game of the Week’.

Here’s how James Bryant of Isotope 244 explained it in an email to me:

“Using retro strategy and heart-pounding action, Machines at War 3 lets you battle and outsmart enemy forces as a military commander.  You’re joined by a fiery officer named Samantha Vice, who helps you maneuver through 21 intriguing campaign missions.  Your objective: Uncover why your country’s secret research team — the Omicron Initiative — has disappeared.”

It sounds fun, and I’ve got a copy here, so stay tuned for a full review here on Ironhammers. If you’re keen to get it before my written verdict appears, it’s available directly from the Isotope 244 website for $19.99.

Here’s a trailer so you can see it in action: