While the best way to draw a conclusion from our reviews here on Ironhammers will always be to read the article in full, take into consideration your personal preferences and make an informed decision based upon not only what you’ve read here, but also from other sites — we still feel our readers like to see a score of some sort attached to the articles. So here’s how we do it.

All reviews from this point on will be scored out of five, here’s a rough gauge of what each score may mean:

  • 1/5 — Signifies a very poor game, one in which there’s very little positive that can be said about. Probably best forgotten about.
  • 2/5 — A below average title, unless the subject matter is something you’re obsessed with, you’ll find it hard to enjoy.
  • 3/5 — While many view a 50% review as bad, here on Ironhammers it marks a game as fairly average. When you weigh up the good and bad, the scales sit level — fans of the genre may find it worth purchasing.
  • 4/5 — This is a game in which the good far outweighs the bad. There could be a few niggles here or there, but this is still a game that you should seriously consider purchasing.
  • 5/5 — While no game’s perfect, there are some that can be recommended without a doubt that our readers will enjoy it. If a game scores 5/5, you should most certainly be looking to get hold of it as soon as physically possible.

Hopefully, although unlikely, this information will be taken into account before ridiculing the next game we award what you deem as “a low score” — always remember, a review is based on opinion. While our reviewer could rate a game 5/5, for you the very same game could, in extreme circumstances, be rated just 1/5. We’re here to offer our opinions, and opinions certainly may differ.