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Ad revenue is decreasing across the internet, and making content and hosting our website costs time and money. While Ironhammers has never been about us getting rich, we’ve now hit a point where it’s no longer self-sufficient — which it has been in the past.

We have a small base of loyal followers, so we’re looking to them to help us out — and Patreon seems like the perfect platform for it to happen. You offer to tip us when we make a new video or podcast, helping us to pay our web hosting and allowing us to keep making and improving upon our content. Our content remains free, you’re just choosing to reward us for it.

You can offer from just $1 each time we create some content, and can set a monthly limit. It’s essentially giving us a donation every month, but we have to keep producing content for us to receive it!

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We’re also removing ads from our website, so you’re really our only hope!

Rather pay via. PayPal?

We’ve had requests to facilitate PayPal payments for our Patrons (which the Patreon service is still working on implementing). So, we’ve created the button below. It doesn’t quite work the same as Patreon with per video amounts, but it does allow you to help us out with a fixed monthly amount — – and we’ll make sure you get the same rewards).

Patron Levels (rewards as on Patreon Page)

We’ll be keeping check of what our patrons have paid for here:

  • Web Hosting Fees (September) Paid in full by our Patrons
  • Web Hosting Fees (October) Paid in full by our Patrons
  • Web Hosting Fees (November) Paid in full by our Patrons
  • Dan needs a new webcam Dan kindly bought himself.
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