E-sports is growing to levels it’s never seen before. StarCraft II and League of Legends tournaments, for example, have seens hundreds and hundreds of thousands of people tuning into their live-streams to catch a look at the very best players in the world. But this doesn’t come without a lot of support from a game’s developers, and 2 Dawn Games seem to know this, having announced today that they’re already working on features to help their class-based FPS work in a competitive sense.

The beta’s already got a lot of the stuff needed such as dedicated servers, detailed scoreboards, and the most important of all, a spectator mode. In development now is a squad feature, a way to pause competitive games, a ‘battlerecorder’, and additonal server commands that should ensure anyone hosting games on their servers has all the cotrol they need.

2 Dawn also call for people within the e-sports community, such as teams or tournament organisers, that can help:

If you and your team is interesting in helping to make Ravaged the next big eSport title, please write us at press@2dawn.com and write “ Competitive Support “ in the subject line (we can offer private server hosting on a first come, first served basis for this purpose).

There’s been a slight lack of shooters in e-sports of late, with games such as Quake and Counter-Strike taking a backseat to RTS, MOBA and fighting games. Though with this news from 2 Dawn Games about Ravaged, and the support Hi-Rez are giving Tribes: Ascend, the genre could well make a resurgence — and perhaps we’ll find a PC shooter to replace Halo at MLG?

[Source: 2Dawn.com]