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We all agree that Steam Workshop giving item creators the ability to raise money is a great thing. Now, SpecialEffect are trying to make it even better; they plan to sell items in the Steam Workshop in order to raise funds and help disabled gamers.

SpecialEffect has been helping people with disabilities play video games, mostly by way of modified controllers or new ways of controlling a game, such as eye-tracking. This obviously costs money, hence their teaming up with artists, Psyke, Svdl, Twilight Sparkle and Void.

Each of the three has created an item for Team Fortress 2 to form ’The SpecialEffect Charity Set’. If enough people vote for the set in the Steam Workshop, it can be sold to gamers with 99% of the profits going towards SpecialEffect’s work.

CEO Mick Donegan comments:

“We need £750,000 this year to give people a fighting chance through specialised games control equipment. We’re bringing this technology directly into the homes and hospitals of the people who need it most, and transforming the lives of people with the most severe disabilities through cutting-edge equipment like eye control and brain control.”

You can vote for it and find out more about the items that are in the set over on this page. You can also find out more about SpecialEffect and what they do over on their website.