steelseries-5hv3_angle-image-1SteelSeries have announced that the latst revisions in their H-Series of headsets — the 5Hv3 and the 3Hv2 — are available to buy. These latest models are mostly being touted for having “custom-engineered soundscapes and the newest generation of SteelSeries audio drivers”, but they’re also both fairly full-featured for the respective prices of $79.99 and $39.99 USD.

SteelSeries’ aim with the H-series line is to to provide durability, comfortability and portability. Both headsets have retractable microphones, in-line controls, and both will work on most-all devices whether a PC, Mac or a phone. There’s obviously some differences, though; the 5Hv3 comes with a braided cable over the 3Hv2′s rubber (which if it’s like the Flux is still a very nice cable), the 5H has a larger and better performing mic, as well as obviously performing better in the sound department.

The 3Hv2 is obviously the little brother — SteelSeries say it’s for those wanting to “experience SteelSeries audio for the first time or without having to make a large investment” – and therefore opts for a folding design, whereas the 5H comes into three parts for portability.

Full specs and a comparison sheet between the two, as well as the upcoming 9H, can be seen over on SteelSeries’ website.