Hey guys, Bobby here. This is the post you’ve probably seen coming, and the one I’ve been holding back for longer than I should have.

It’s been more almost five years since I first started writing stuff about PC gaming under the Ironhammers name. You will have noticed it was slowing down for a while, and recently stopped. I also kind of abandoned social media for a while in the process. But I feel that Ironhammers peaked a long time ago.

Could we recover and peak even higher? Probably. But my heart isn’t in it any more. As Ironhammers grew, it managed to turn my much-loved hobby of gaming into something else. I’d never say it felt like work, but it certainly skewed my love of PC gaming into some weird analytical mindset. One which made it hard to enjoy games any more in the way I used to.

That feeling reached a height late last year, and it seems ridiculous for me to try and provide coverage of something that I feel this way about. So to actually say it, Ironhammers will no longer be updated after this post.

I hope that one day I feel passionate and motivated enough to create PC gaming content again, and if and when that happens I think it will probably be done solely through the Ironhammers YouTube channel.

The website will remain as it is for a long time from now, so previous podcasts, reviews etc. will always be available should you wish.

If you want to know what I’m doing now, I’m happy to say I have found something else that I am doing which still allows me to create online content. Although it’s not about gaming.

Cryptocurrencies are something I have been playing around with for a while now, and they have an obvious overlap with high-end gaming hardware. I am pleased to say I have landed a spot as part-owner and Editor of a recently launched cryptocurrency website known as Coin Joint. It has exceeded my initial expectations since launch, and I feel I’m part of something great, with an awesome team of guys alongside me, and a place to produce online content just as I have loved to do for many years.

Alongside this, I have also launched my own crypto-related website High on Potcoin. I don’t expect you guys to follow me to these new places, as it’s completely unrelated. But if there’s one or two of you out there who are interested in the subject, it would be awesome to see some familiar names around this new community that we are building there.

I’m am eternally thankful to every body who supported the website while it was alive; all our readers, all our followers, everybody who worked with us over the years, the game companies that helped us with review samples and all the other people that were a part of this in some way. Will from SteelSeries/Qpad gets a particular shout-out for giving us an opportunity to cover things we wouldn’t normally have been able to get hands-on with.

Particularly special thanks go to Dan, Simon, Jason, CommonTroll, Fodd3r, and those of you who participated in our Patreon scheme to support the site. Those names mentioned are the ones that immediately come to mind as people who have been massive supporters or participators in the site. You’ve also become friends, and I promise we will play games together again one day! :p

If I missed somebody, it’s not because you weren’t appreciated just as much. If you’re reading this far, you’re probably one of the ones that were so amazing to me over the years.

Thank you all, and we will play games together again some day. I promise.

Big kiss!!! :p